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Your social world sparkles as invitations to parties and other festive celebrations come pouring in. Text messages are flying from one friend to another as you make arrangements for the month ahead.

Easter Egg Horoscopes from Russell Grant

You might notice strong bonds building between you and your neighbours or colleagues. Facing challenges together help bring you closer together. Joining forces with a talented artist will help you produce some amazing work. Clinging stubbornly to outdated routines can cause stagnation and frustration.

It is time to let go and go with the flow. Stop trying to force square pegs into round holes then you will realise how much fun it can be to experiment with new methods and techniques.


Ignoring problems will cause tension. Discuss issues that are causing strain in a close relationship as soon as they arise. Your honesty will encourage others to be truthful about their feelings too. Your family and closest friends are your first priority now and you will be putting their needs and wishes before your own. Your most special quality these days, is compassion. You're finding it easier to connect with people on an emotional level.

Getting involved in a festive community event will be worth your while. Invite some youngsters along to help put up decorations.

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Don't be surprised if you raise a lot of money for a great cause. Putting your imagination to good use will help you zoom ahead with a new assignment. You feel inspired and ambitious and if you do a good job, you could be offered a raise, promotion or both. Wherever you go, friends and even people you hardly know will enjoy your company. Your hopes and plans are starting to change and this has something to do with the new people you are meeting and new friendships you are making.

When it comes to making festive plans with the family, you should leave your options open. Someone could come along and make you a more exciting offer and you will wish you hadn't made previous commitments. Unexpected circumstances force you to take a long hard look at your life path. There are some things you must decide for yourself and you will need some time alone to consider your future. You have more options than you realise. A friend's behaviour leaves you feeling as if they have let you down.

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You trusted this person to carry out their promises and now you know they aren't as reliable as you had thought. It is important that you continue to look on the bright side. There may be a need to dip into your savings to pay a few unexpected debts relating to the home.

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Unfortunately, a friend who owes you money is refusing to pay up. Falling behind on your work could have unpleasant consequences so do your best to stay on top of things.

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This may mean getting up an hour earlier each morning or putting in extra time over the weekend. You're searching in the wrong places if you are looking outside yourself for happiness. True joy comes from enjoying the blessings that currently grace your life and many of these are within your home and family.

Russell Grant Video Horoscope Virgo April Thursday 2nd

NASA how dare you change my star sign from libra to virgo. People are freaking out thinking that their star signs have changed.

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