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On average, there are 13 transits of Mercury each century. In contrast, transits of Venus occur in pairs with more than a century separating each pair. Next Venus transit will be in again in pairs is in and Its impact will be the greatest at UT. Northern Canada and all of Alaska will also see the entire event. Residents of Iceland are in a unique wedge-shaped part of the path.

Others where there is no sunlight can watch it on the web. It is possible to see the transit — but please use all the care and solar filters so as not to damage the eyes. A properly fitted telescope or binoculars will give a better view.

Komilla sutton

This transit can bring unusual event to light. Most important will be Taurus related — practical, earth bound. Venus is with Ketu and Sun and more spiritual than its counterpart. I think it will make us think of our role in society, consumerism and move towards rejecting the ideals of greed and egotistic behaviour. There will be a desire of simpler life.

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It can bring a financial scandal to life. Financial markets usually do very well when Venus is strong so expect the stock markets to go higher. Venus is dominating the Sun therefore governments all over will need to listen to the voice of their gurus and advisers.

Women can play a strong role too. So this may unleash romantic ideals, creativity. Ketu impact can make these ideals unrealistic and sometime more in the mind than people actually doing something about it. Facebook was officially formed on 4 Feb New ideas may take over but Facebook will stand as a cultural icon and for changing the way we interact for a long time. On a personal level — Taurus will experience the most benefit as something rare and wonderful is revealed about them.

They may not fully understand immediately what this is. Libra, the other Venus ruled signs — this transit is taking place in the 8th house of transformation — they may find unexpected change that brings about sudden insight into their life. Gandanta happen when planets transit over certain junction points. In this case Mercury will move from Pisces to Aries. May 5 is a day of insecurity and uncertainity. Communications can be troubled or confused. One can feel uncertain and unsure so best not to do any major projects today or make important decisions.

The moment Mercury moves into Aries it will be dynamic and positive- rearing to go and take action.

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Gemini will specially benefit while Virgo still needs to wait till the papakartari is finally over on 16 May. May 5 is the rest day before the second ballot of the French elections and therefore it can make for a confused electorate.

But by 6th May morning Mercury will be established in Aries, therefore being decisive and positive about what they want now. They have Virgo Lagna. Virgo as you may recall from my earlier blog, is in a fix and creating all kinds of stress specially those who have Virgo ascendant. This is known as a Papakartari Yoga — the malefic energy is creating pressure on Virgo.

Saturn retrogrades back into Virgo on 15 May and releases the pressures on Virgo. Read more on the Virgo in a Fix Blog.

To add to the Virgo woes Mercury its ruling planet has had a long debilitation and will continue to do so till 5 May Mercury will go past Gandanta position of Pisces Aries on 5th May too. The main problem for Sarkozy is that his lagna is being squeezed by Saturn and Mars till 15 May and therefore he is facing a insurmountable problems- he cannot move forward or backward. Then his lagna lord Mercury is debilitated by transit and more worryingly for him it will be gandanta on the 5th May, the day before the second round of the election when it changes signs to Aries.

Mercury in Pisces does not make for rational thinking — by the electorate or by the choices made by the politicians. Nicolas Sarkozy can make judgement mistakes as it is his Lagna lord which is debilitated. Nicolas Sarkozy or Francois Hollande. The public may be looking for new alternatives.

Even though Lagna Lord has moved on- Virgo continues in the papakartari and challenging Nicolas Sarkozy. Nicolas Sarkozy, 21 Jan , , Paris, France.

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Another virgo Lagna who is going through rough times. The papakartari on his Lagna and the debilitation of the lagna lord is adding to his problems too. UK itself has Virgo Lagna- so the country and its leader are both ties together in this challenging situation. Fortunately for David Cameron, he is not up for re-election as yet but watch for more negative news till the papakartari ends on 15 May.

It will be a relief to have Saturn back in Virgo for him. Some damage is already done and may never be fixed. His Dasha is Venus Mercury — Venus is debilitated in the lagna so his reputation suffers and Mercury is the lord of Venus and therefore highlighting the debilitation.

Week beginning from 11th April is full of Drama. There are many other factors adding to the problem as Mars has slowed down to turn direct and Sun Saturn opposition both have spooked the investors. On a personal level Taurus and Libra can feel the presence of Ketu — it can make them feel very unsettled for a few days. Best not to make important decisions. Although Sun and Saturn oppose each other annually, the difference this year is that both are exalted and vargotamma. Two powerful forces opposing each other. A struggles between those in power and those who oppose it.

This can bring problems to governments and generally powerful people. Leo, Capricorn and Aquarius will feel this the most. Divergent issues pulling them in opposite direction. For Aquarius and Leo — it could result in stand off between partners or spouses. It is best not to resolve what is pulling you apart at this time and both of you are strong and not open to compromise as yet, so wait till the transit is passed and then there may be a solution.

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  • Mars goes direct on 14 April at GMT. This will release energy to make us take action. Whenever planets go direct they always bring some pressure with them. The planets relax after causing tension and drama and the rest of April will be easier to deal with. Venus is making a long and rare transit in Taurus from 28 March to 30 July In this time it will retrograde , move across the face of the Sun, conjoin Ketu and Jupiter.

    Venus is own sign yet being influenced by Ketu- therefore there has to an unusual factor to this. Venus in Taurus will also cancel the debilitation of Ketu for the four months it remains in Taurus. Ketu is the past life planet and its debilitation shows that we the world has over used our blessings and now it was time to pay back. Jupiter Venus Ketu togetherness from 15 May to 30 July from can bring about a different way of thinking.

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    Can cause extreme fundamentalist views or open avenues for spiritual growth. It is during this transit in June that the US Supreme Court comes to a decision about the health care. This transit is being considered by some to be the more likely time of the Mayan prophecy. If your ascendant is Taurus, then you are in for a special time — you can express your true personality that has been hidden.