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Goddess of blind folly, rashness, infatuation, and mischief. Ate was said to be behind the curse that started the Trojan War. Ate may show where one is likely to respond to real or imagined threats in an exaggerated fashion. I adore the asteroids Vera, Veritas, Fides or Fidelio in a love reading — always a great sign!

Need to include them too. So, really, it depends on how you feel about it, which ones you can fit into your philosophy, and which ones work via research. Yeah he is right, Good luck. The only ones with any significant research behind them are chiron and juno and that is by the magi astrology. Theyre interps tend to differ from other astrologers, but they actually put up evidence on their site and in their book to back up their assertions. Here is my thoughts on asteroids though. We generally are able to get an understanding of what a celestial body represents by anything unusual or unprecedented that was happening in society on a broad world level or atleast on a radical level in a significant portion of the earth such as an entire continent.

These days, asteroids are being discovered by the dozens. Probally hundreds if not more a year. Thus, the more that are discovered the less likely they are to have any noticable or worthwhile effect. Yes, more and more are discovered, but other things are going on. Ceres, for instance, is now a dwarf planet. I would only use what you understand through research as you can read everything and still not understand it enough to to be helpful to others I have found.

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I only use Chiron in all my charts,but might add the others in after my initial reading of a chart. There are so many secondary bodies that one will look at soup as for lines in a chart if you add to much.

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I cannot use the Eastern Point as it does nothing for me as one example,but do use BML and the Vertex axis because I think seeing that they make relevant aspects in my chart I understand them better. Good luck with adding secondary bodies. I have a differnet look on the asteroids. I didn't look at them much until i used my program to print up of them that are in my chart.

I had a dreama few years ago that told me I was a certain person in a past lifetime. The person who told me in the dream i called Ruth for some reason. I was just looking a few weeks at my list of asteroids and there is an asteroid named Ruth and she is in Virgo, right around the time when I had the dream!

Also, there was a guy I really liked some years ago with his Jupiter in 1 degree Virgo. So a few weeks ago I decided to see what asteroids I have at 1 degree Virgo. I couldn't believe it! So, I ordered an asteroid encyclopedia from AMazon. THere are asteroids named after everything! I have been told thta I had the name Mary multiple times in past lives.

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Another one that got me was there is an asteroid named Eric, really, really like about 3 different Erics while I was growing up and had my heart broken by one of them. And when I looked in my chart the Asteroid Eric is in my 12th house!


What I a am saying is that one or two months ago I could have cared less about asteroids until the whole Ruth and Lena thing BLEW me away and I looked further at the asteroids and found a cornocopia of cool things to look at. Really, don't discount asteroids. If you look for asteroids with names of people you know you may find that the asteroid is located in the house that goes with their place in your life. Like ther is an asteroid similar to my father's name and it is in my 4th house!

Sometimes though you need to look for the famale counterpart to a male name when looking for a male name because a fair amount of asteroids are named after woman!

So if you are looking for a David, you will find that there is a Davida asteroid. Sorry about the long post. Nobody even cares about the largest centaur, Chariklo. It is also the only one that doesn't cross a "planet's" orbit Chariclo was a nymph, not a centaur and the wife of Chiron , instead it's orbit is right between Saturn's and Uranus and it has a year orbit. I did not know that she was the largest Pallas-Trine-Mars.

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Will have a looksy at her in my chart. I totally agree with you, it's amazing! I added asteroids with important people's name in my chart and here's what I found: I was intrigued by your interesting spooky post and tried to replicate your findings, but with not much of a result; my program features asteroids too. If you need more guidance on how to do that, click the link just below:.

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Gay, happy. Also, quite clearly, for someone named Laetitia, this can double as a name asteroid. Check the chart and planet conjunctions to understand more. Pandora is both an asteroid as well as a Moon to Saturn, here we only speak about the asteroid Pandora. Similar to the Christian myth, Pandora was the original woman, fashioned out of water and earth, and of course, everything wrong with humanity is her fault eye roll. A great asteroid for someone who loves to be at one with nature or live off-grid. Goddess of blind folly, rashness, infatuation, and mischief.

Ate was said to be behind the curse that started the Trojan War.

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Ate may show where one is likely to respond to real or imagined threats in an exaggerated fashion. I adore the asteroids Vera, Veritas, Fides or Fidelio in a love reading — always a great sign! Sapientia in close aspect shows where we may have above-average wisdom or insight. As example: Fraternitas conjoined Mercury communications may indicate someone who communicates to others in a friendly, warm, brotherly way. Useful when placed in good aspect to relationships, business partners or creative projects. Fame, reputation, notoriety, ardent communicator; inversely, asteroid Fama can also indicate a tendency for infamy, gossip, and scandals.

Indicates an incredibly studious or academic individual; someone devoted to the pursuits of intellect or the mind.