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Virgo is ruled by cerebral, objective Mercury , and you are ruled by objective, idiosyncratic Uranus. Luckily, Virgo will not demand too much time from you, for they are busy people too — Virgo is the original workaholic.

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Virgos are fairly conservative and need some level of social approval. The success potential here is a really tough call, but like any other relationship, you can make it work if you give it an honest try.

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Perhaps you both have other planets in your charts that will make your relationship sparkle, which could be the case. Virgo is more flexible than you are — they roll with the punches more readily. Your Virgo lover could help you keep track of all the details so that almost nothing slips between the cracks. If you develop a measure of fame in your life, Virgo would be your ideal behind-the-scenes manager where they are happiest in order to organize your schedule, meet with accountants, negotiate the finer points of your contract, set a realistic budget, traffic your orders, and suggest ways in which you can fix the flaws in your plan.

Take your time if you are dating a Virgo, and make sure you like the fit. If none of the down sides of this relationship seem to apply, you apparently have planets in your charts that override this Sun sign outlook.

I am Aquarius, My Lover is Cancer

In that case, move forward with confidence! Continue Reading. Try Another Match I am a My match is Both of you are intellectual air signs, so conversation, good books, travel, jokes, parties, a rich social life, and a host of other activities are sure to spice up your time together.

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One wise psychologist said more couples should forget all reasons to get married except one: In the end, is your time together fun? This psychologist would approve of you and your Gemini!

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Communication between you two is so superb that it knocks you out, and you both often need to scoot out of town together to chill out. Both of you have quick minds and are fast-paced thinkers — others sometimes have trouble keeping up with you! You have many friends that you enjoy introducing to your sweetheart, and thus, your circle of friends and acquaintances will widen considerably with this union.

For Aquarius the pressure will come off in 2016

An open relationship might appeal to you, but be careful — one of you could get hurt, much to the surprise of both. Gemini is up-to-the-minute on trends, but too liberal a sexual situation is probably not a good idea for either of you.

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But remember to schedule a few enchanted evenings anyway, just for the thrill of it! Your relationship has the promise of a four-star, solid gold union, so hold on to one another.

The trust you share, your mutual respect, and your enjoyment of being together can stand the test of time. Continue Reading. Try Another Match I am a