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What is the better of Virgo? Virgo is helpful, modest, given to help. And what is the best of Pisces? Pisces is romantic, affectionate and kind. What is the worst of Virgo?

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And what is the worst of Pisces? Libra is famous for her indecisive nature and prefers to play harmonizer and peacemaker. She hesitates to take the lead in any situation; she must claim her Aries gifts to gain self-determination and the ability to act decisively.

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Similarly, Pisces must step into the abilities of his own Earth sign, Virgo, to gain discrimination and make appropriate, timely choices. Libra responds to set and setting in lovemaking. She needs to look her best with the right lighting and music to set the mood. For her, sex is a way to express love and commitment, and it can either feed her vanity or threaten her insecurity. In a moment, she might go from yes to no and back again. A more earthy and decisive man might be frustrated, but Pisces simply responds.

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His mutable sensitivity ensures that if she is not in the mood, then neither is he. He needs the attunement, and pretence is futile. Sometimes a Libra woman will pretend to be in the mood to please him, but a Pisces man wilts in response, since he cannot be fooled. At those times they are in sync, magic happens.

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Libra's exquisitely tuned sense of harmony combined with Pisces' surrender to oceanic flow translates into rapturous bliss! Don't push the river, though, because if it is not good, it doesn't work at all. If they love one another, these two transcend any differences and challenges.

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Because both place the needs of the other before their own, they can each become martyrs to love, and the relationship then dissolves in a blob of codependency and martyrdom. They will shower each other with affection and surprise each other on a regular basis. A Pisces and Pisces marriage is one with a great potential to happen and even greater to last. The secretive and mysterious Pisceans find it extremely difficult to put their trust in other people and there's nothing they can do about it.


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They always follow their instincts and if their gut feeling tells them not to trust someone, they may start a relationship without trusting their partner, which will set their end before they even start. However, they have every right to not trust their Pisces partner, because they are unstable and unreliable. The only way for them to build a good level of trust is to first accept the fact that they're with an unstable person just like them and then communicate on a daily basis even about things they usually don't because they think it's waste of time.

Communication is another difficult aspect of the Pisces-Pisces relationship. Due to their tendency to be closed up and caught up in their own world in their heads, these lovers simply won't talk too much. Nevertheless, they will share their dreams with each other and help one another to get there.

Pisces and Pisces Compatibility: Dreams Can Come True

Nature, art and music are topics on which these two can talk about passionately for hours without being aware of the time and space. Talking about things that are happening in their day-to-day lives will be difficult for both, even though it's an essential part of every relationship.

Pisces shares a love of beauty and peace and they will be in an awe having a partner who shares the same kind of love for such things. Pisceans value talent, art, people who are true to themselves and people who are flexible to the ever changing world. Their idea of relationship is also the same: Nevertheless, they will have an easygoing relationship that seems like both partners don't work on it at all.

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Pisces and Pisces Emotional Compatibility. Pisces and Pisces Love and Romance! Extreme Co-dependency can wreak havoc on them. Pisces and Pisces Compatibility: Dreams Can Come True Dreamy start but these two will be in for a turbulent ride, so they better buckle up. Pisces And Pisces Compatibility They will shower each other with affection and surprise each other on a regular basis.