Aquarius love horoscope february 1

For example, the first house is yours, your seventh partner; other is health, some other interpersonal relationships, etc. The planet affects the house and changes the sign in which it is located.

Aquarius Love Horoscope

So the date and time of your birth are significant in the process of discovery of your character, personality and love compatibility. Individuals who celebrate their birthdays on the first day of the February have some characteristics of Aquarius sign, but not all, they are somewhat different. They have organisational skills, and they like to work with other people and cooperate — this is not common for all Aquariuses who are in most cases strict individuals who like to work alone. They are tolerant, they know human nature and are very humane in general, but also people who are born on the February 1st have multiple and varied aspirations and tend to implement changes for the better of humanity.

This is something that motivates them from an early age; they are unselfish and loyal friends, who are willing to help a stranger. They readily accept the changes and like to impose them on others that are the thing that makes them happy. If nothing happens and there are no changes for a long period, they know that they are falling into apathy and depression.

This is a typical state, and people of the February 1st often go through these phases. These people are not under the burden of the traditionalistic values and are very relaxed in communication with people, but one thing that sets them apart is a willingness to sacrifice themselves for the goals of creating a better society.

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Sometimes they have a lot of rebelliousness in themselves, and they know they are outrageous and exaggerated in everything. But we have to say that this characteristic is not something that is disabling them from having a healthy life. Love aspect of life is something that intrigues us all; we want to know will we fall in love or have a long-lasting relationship with someone special.

As far as people of the February 1st is a concern they are in love relationships very nonchalant, charming and casual, that at the first meeting you do not have the feeling of seducing, waving or doing anything at all. Mars meets your ruling planet, Uranus, on February 13, and they begin a new journey together to smash injustices in our world—and you, dear Aquarius, will find that radical conversations and ideas will manifest.

Just watch out for accidents and unexpected tempers: Uranus is chaotic and Mars loves to fight and is always in a rush; running around in a chaotic space can mean you trip over your own feet or tongue. On February 14, Mars enters Taurus and ignites the sector of your chart that rules home and family: You may be moving, making big renovations, or, on a more emotional level, you may be feeling the need to be more guarded and tough!

Privacy and security are on your mind. People think of you as cool and aloof, but anyone who knows you well enough knows that your living space is usually warm and cozy, filled with plants, sweet treats, and cozy blankets—and with Mars in Taurus, you will not be compromising on any of your comforts!

Aquarius (astrology)

Venus mingles with Neptune on February 17, creating a romantic vibe and boosting your intuition and imagination, and exciting risks are taken as the sun connects with Uranus on February Also on February 18, sweet Venus meets serious Saturn—not the coziest energy, but still fab for making plans and commitments!

February 18 is also the start of Pisces season, and February 19 marks the full moon a super moon!

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Big tears come as you find yourself shedding old skin during this new moon. Facing your fears and the unknown is a theme for you at this time; however, as the moon shines in sensual Virgo, you will find the key to success is connecting with your body—not dissociating or running away. Lean into the shivers that run up your spine during this new moon. This is going to be a big moment for you in your love and sex life as issues around deep intimacy are explored.

Aquarius Horoscope For Tuesday, November 12,

You start out being mentally sharp, working well with others and you might also enjoy visiting with older people. Good news may be coming for Capricorn cuspers, but later on things turn sour; domestic worries could crop up, even more intensely if you live with a control freak. All of you may have trouble speaking, or might say the wrong thing by Halloween.

Hey, just put on a Dick Cheney mask, grab your Cancer buds and go trick-or-treating! Most of you will be energetic, mentally sharp and able to get your thoughts across to other people.

Your Astrological Chart Cusp

There are a few of you who will still be in a pissy mood throughout the first week of the month, and some of you will be frustrated and stressed out until mid month. Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Holidays! The bad news is that you might piss people off when they hear what you have to say.


And emotional pressure may cause an ugly scene with the wrong person. Not to worry!

More Horoscopes for Aquarius

You are friendly, but detached on an emotional level. You like people but relate more on a humanitarian level. You are innovative, inventive and a modern thinker. A non-conformist. You value your independence highly, and some will find committed relationships stiffling. Working with groups can appeal especially when change and a new approach is their aim. His moods were unpredictable and not always kindly to others. He disowned his children, distanced himself from his wife Gaea, preferring to roam his domain alone. Each of the 12 signs is represented by a Symbol and if you look closely at these symbols you will see they do reflect many of the characteristics of their sign.

It is, in fact, an Air sign, interested in knowledge. The Symbol shows a handsome young person pouring water into the earth. This depicts the pouring out of knowledge to be shared with all humanity.