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Infants currently emerging from the womb fit into the Cap Zodiac and may or may not develop the personality traits said to be associated with this astrological sign. But what the Hell do I know?

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None of the songs are outwardly about Capricorns…maybe some of the musicians or producers on the tracks are Caps. Not going to research that. Smoother than Action Man's undercarriage! I also carry scepticism on the horoscope but being born on January 20th puts me right in between a corn man and watery woman. Capricious at best me thinks!

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Gotta try this mix at my peace later, to see how well I match with your musical horoscope BTW, mine is only a day ahead December 24th ;. Ah grand, so our ages increase almost in unison each year!

“Focus” by H.E.R

Fingers crossed it melds with your musical requirements. Cookies help us deliver our services. The link to the entire playlist is at the end of this article!

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This playlist includes: american teen - khalid buttercup - hippo campus call out my name - the weeknd daddy issues - the neighbourhood dang! Let me know if I should to more zodiac playlists! I also love to chat about music, so don't be afraid to message me!

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That was it for this article, hope you liked it! Soft playlist to chill and be relaxed: Playlist to cry yourself to sleep: Playlist to think about your lover:.