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Fire horses are single-minded in love and they have great appeal to the opposite sex, thus often surrounded by many pursuers and proud of this. Fire horses approach their job with confident enthusiasm and perform excellently, thus loved by their boss. They never yield even in very difficult work or under great pressure, and they often achieve satisfactory results with their own strength and the help of friends, colleagues or boss.

In terms of health, fire horses should pay attention to the brain diseases, especially the eye diseases, and females should pay attention to gynecopathy, etc. Fire horses have pretty good luck in wealth and they can solve the problem and get the satisfactory results with their unremitting efforts even if the luck is blocked or changes again and again. They are suggested to buy more real estate to preserve or increase the value of their money. What's Your Lucky Number? Most Popular 1. Male Female. Get Personality.

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Lastest Questions and Answers. Download Apps - Zodiac. When Pig meets Rabbit and Sheep together, three of them become a powerful group of Wood. Metal is the mother element of Water, but we cannot find one in the birth chart. Earth element can let Water disappear. Strong Fire can evaporate Weak Water. But Pig goes to join Wood group party with Sheep and Rabbit, and forgets his duty. Day Master Female Water is hardly to get any support.

In this case, Water is too weak to fight with enemies - Wood, Fire and Earth.

In Chinese astrology, it's called an Extremely Weak birth chart. When we cannot fight the strong enemy, one way to survive is to surrender. We need to choose enemy as the lucky element. Therefore, the lucky elements are Wood, Fire and Earth. Water and Metal are the unlucky elements.

Cow, Sheep, Dog and Dragon are Earth. Chicken and Monkey are Metal. Rabbit and Tiger are Wood. Rat and Pig are Water.

Horse and Snake are Fire. We have the Sam's God Relationship Chart on the right. Female Wood appears on the Hour Stem. Wood is the Fame Star, which is a lucky element. People know her when she was born. Sheep and Horse together have attraction relationship into Fire. Fire is the Money Star and a lucky element.

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So she was born rich, and will deal with money in her entire life. There are three Female Fire in the birth chart. The Mother Star Metal isn't found in the birth chart. This means the girl will be closed to father more than mother. Earth Elements are hiding in the Sheep and Horse. They are not that clear comparing with Fire. Earth is the Career Star. Sam will be interesting more in business money, not career position.

Strong Wood shows in Sam's birth chart. Wood is something out of Water, which is related to people outlook, expression and acting.

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Wood is a lucky element. So Sam will be a good-looking girl. Pig, Rabbit and Sheep have attraction relationship into Wood.

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  • Sheep and Horse have attraction relationship into Fire. Many attraction relationships means she will be popular and have good communication skill. The Day Branch contains the information about the spouse. The Day Branch is Sheep. Sheep contains Earth and Earth also represents men to Sam.

    Sam will have a good marriage. Her husband won't expose in pubic too much. She will make her husband look good, because strong Fire money is the support element of Earth. Her husband might enjoy more his life with his own friends, because of the attraction relationship of Sheep and Horse. The hidden relationship of Pig in the Year Branch and Horse in the Month Branch is a hint about that her parent might have a secret people relationship we don't know.

    Birth Chart Astrology Information In Chinese astrology birth chart, Year column is the information about the person's early age. Month column is about the growing age, Day column is the about the middle age and Hour column is about the older age. Stem row is the information about people's outward appearance. Branch row is the real and hidden side of people's life. So father is with her during her childhood. Earth represents male to her.

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    • Earth is found in Month and Day columns, she will find her love after becoming an adult. If the birth hour is correct, then she will spend lots of time with her children during the late age, because Wood is the Child Star to her. Love : Horse and Pig share an amazing chemistry and have double attraction relationships. You will be able to find your perfect match if you are single.

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      Water of Pig will signify your husband or boyfriend, if you are a lady and also you are working significantly with a lot of dedication to find your true love. Metal will signify your wife or boyfriend if you are a gentleman. However, you will require more time in finding your suitable match if you are single and you will have good chances to meet your girl at your workplace.

      You will enjoy a fruitful love life if you are already in love with someone and you both should start thinking seriously getting engaged or married. You will have a joyful, romantic and sweet married life in case you are married. Social Circle : The attraction relationships between Horse and Pig will help you to have good people relationships.