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A significant role in shaping the character of the personality of this lady was played by the image of the "mother of mother" of the human race on Earth. Modern Eva has many new features of female temperament, but passion and sensual power are inherent in this name even now. A girl grows up to a moody and spoiled child.

At school, he pointedly emphasizes his unwillingness to study. Abuses attractive appearance, focuses on personal interests. The adult owner of the name Eva is predisposed to jealousy, conflict, protracted quarrels. She likes to be in the center of male attention, flirt, flirt. She loves to dream, create imaginary images, idly reflect on the difficulties of life, go with the flow and do nothing. Paradoxically, it is these traits of the character that help the girl to exist comfortably and carelessly. She is constantly lucky in life.

She has no need for money because she does not understand how it can need something. Eva will listen carefully to the interlocutor, sympathize with or rejoice with him, but will never rush to help.

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However, she is devoid of greed and greed. In addition, the representative of this name focuses all attention on the choice of her husband. She belongs to the category of women who choose the "profession of his wife".

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Positive traits of the name Eva : This is a romantic personality, symbolizing peace and harmony. For good, Eva answers with good. She is diplomatic, peace-loving, prefers a compromise, rather than confrontation, and nevertheless tries to observe her interests at every opportunity. Negative traits of the name Eva : A girl believes that everything in the world should be formed by itself, that she can safely swim with the flow of time. It is characterized by the inability to act in critical situations, but it is precisely because of its passivity that Eva is often the only one who can emerge unscathed from complex rework.

Most of all, Eva loves to take care of herself.

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All free time is spent in hairdressing, treatment rooms, beauty salons. Holidays spends in resort places. She does not spare funds for travel, since she draws a lot of energy from them.

She also likes a quiet pastime the main thing is that it should be well thought out and organized. Eve was not accustomed to do anything in half the strength, therefore, in any field she will manifest herself exclusively from the positive side and will quickly climb the career ladder. But still there are professions that are the vocation of this woman: a doctor, teacher, educator. Evan Eva will reach no less heights in the field of a lawyer, a journalist, a translator, because she likes to discover for herself and in herself more and more new facets.

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Thanks to her organizational skills, diligence, attentiveness and responsibility, the owner of this name will make an excellent boss. In addition, Eva is fair and rational, which helps her to gain the authority of subordinates and the respect of top management. Interestingly, monotonous and routine work hinders her, especially if it is associated with stressful situations in which Eva is lost, which negatively affects the productivity of the work process. Eva can easily be called a very successful person, so in business she is often lucky.

However, one should not write off everything only on luck, because this woman knows how to think soberly, she always analyzes everything that happens and draws the right conclusions. But nevertheless she should remember that business is not the wheel of fortune, and therefore it is necessary to work and work again for the prosperity of her business. Eve is a choleric person, coldness and pragmatism prevail in her character, while she tries not to open her feelings to anyone. But she still will not be able to hide her spiritual warmth, especially if she is surrounded by loving and understanding people.

This woman tries not to impose her opinion, but she also will not allow anyone to indicate what to do. It is easier for Eva to let the conflict take place without any reason than to ardently prove her right: her own spiritual harmony is more important for her than ambition. It is easy to offend Eva, but she will not take revenge on the offender, but she will not be able to forget about the offenses.

As a rule, Eva has good health, she is strong and active, tries to lead a healthy lifestyle. Although the girl has a rather weak immune system, she often suffers from infectious diseases.

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But it may be associated with diabetes. The love of tasty and not always healthy food can trigger digestive problems.

She can not overeat, abuse alcohol. In old age, predisposed to obesity. Affectionate, gentle, easy-to-communicate and mysterious Eva enjoys success with men, and, being in a relationship, she forgets about her logical and rationalism. She completely surrenders to feelings, but also expects a similar attitude from her partner. But her man should be prepared for the fact that Eva will not make any decisive steps towards their happiness.

Initiative is not her hobby. Love for Eva is an explosion of feelings and emotions, so cold and sensible partners do not like her. Boredom in the relationship this woman will not tolerate. I must say that in the life of sensual and passionate Eva love is assigned a special role, because it is the state of love that introduces energy and the desire to move on. Sensuality, sexuality and a certain mystery make Eva a desirable object for men who want to possess not only the body, but also the soul of this strong woman.

At the same time, Eva herself regards the sexual component as an integral part of any relationship. Eva is a temperamental mistress who prefers to give, rather than take. She loves diversity in the intimate sphere, so her chosen one will have to put as much imagination in order not to let her impulsive and romantic partner get bored. She is inventive in flattery and female affection. Loves praise, compliments, gifts.

She likes sexually active, insatiable partners. She knows men in comparison. Sometimes it remains alone, since it has too high a standard of requirements for the chosen one. Just take a look at the following example and you'll get the idea:. In the vedic system this same person will also have their moon in a nakshatra or lunar mansion called bharani.

This crystal stimulates the intellect, awakening the development of psychic and intuitive abilities, and brings inner vision into alignment with spiritual guidance.

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This is very important in especially if you have a main door, bedroom, office, lounge or other important room in the southeast, west, and south. Weak planets can have potent disruptive effects. On our planet, this manifests as an ice age. If you follow this link you will find full details flying star analysis follow this link.

The death of john the baptist, precursor of the saviour, also testifies that earthly existence is not an absolute good; What is more important horoscop acvaria rac remaining faithful to the word of the lord even at the risk of one's life cf. Trust your partner and believe in your relationship. Is out of print, at least here in holland, but i've recommended it to.